Another response to Wendell Berry's The Need to Be Whole
Artists resonate with Wendell Berry's move to a rural place

An Overview of Wendell Berry's A Continuous Harmony

I suspect I am not the only one who thinks that all of Wendell Berry’s essays are just variations on a theme. But two things make “variations on a theme” either banale or briliant–the beauty of the theme and the skill of the composer. In the case of Berry, the theme is the utterly essential theme of living well in our place–our own patch of land, our community, our country, our planet. The variations include the disciplines that have shaped how we live in our place, the need to think little and local, the illusions of our industrial dreams, and the value of literacy and the importance of the language that we use.

Read all of "Review: A Continuous Harmony" by Bob Trube at Bob on Books.


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