A reflection on Wendell Berry's new book
Another look at Wendell Berry's new book

Another view of Wendell Berry's new book

The Need to Be Whole is a necessary book. It reclaims the challenge of talking publicly about racial prejudice from oversimplification and rhetorical violence. (I have more hope for private conversations.) He quotes his late friend William Hull to say that in argument we must seek “clarity rather than victory.” Well, this book is almost 500 cantless pages of work towards clarity. It can’t be easily summarized and covers a lot of ground. But as Mr. Berry examines race prejudice in his own life and in his country’s history, he wants us to realize that America’s race problem is part of a wider practice of waste and exploitation, of both people and places. And in this we are all complicit.

Read all of "Seeking Clarity: Wendell Berry's New Book on Race" by Katherine Dalton at Front Porch Republic.


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