Wendell Berry, Health, and Pandemic
On Wendell Berry (and others) on Hope

An Appreciation of Wendell Berry

For me, Wendell Berry, like the simple shepherd in Jean Giono’s story, has persistently planted “over many years” his message about humankind and sustenance and nature and how we are inextricably bound to the health and rhythms of our natural world. As a poet, essayist, environmentalist, small town farmer, family man and scholar, Wendell Berry has humbly stood his ground and repeated his message for all to hear: we must take care of the earth; small scale farmers take care of the earth; small scale farming represent the glue that binds together communities; and we are running out of time. Berry has insisted that our market economy and monoculture farming are not only killing our natural world but devouring our communities and communal ties one-by-one.

Read all of "A Visible Mark Upon the Earth: Why Wendell Berry" by Tony Klemmer at The Aspen Institute.


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