Wendell Berry's 1993 reprinted collection reviewed
On Wendell Berry and Antimodernism

Season Two of The Membership: A Wendell Berry Podcast

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It’s good to see that the conversation continues at The Membership Podcast.

Hosted by Jason Hardy, John Pattison, and Tim Wasem since November 2018 and intending to discuss all of Mr. Berry's work in a mostly chronological order, the project has moved into its second season, with Episode Three posted just this past week.

The three collaborators offer both congenial chatter and well-focused insights around the works at hand and Mr. Berry in general. They occasionally break the routine with "interviews with farmers, makers, artists, writers, activists, and folks of all stripes who are responding to Berry’s writings in their own places."

Highly recommended. Check it out.

The Membership: A Wendell Berry Podcast


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