On Harlan Hubbard and Wendell Berry book covers
Interview with Mary Berry and Leah Bayens on the Wendell Berry Farming Program and other good things

More on grant for the Wendell Berry Farming Program

“As you can imagine, we were thrilled,” Bayens said. “This gift makes so much possible for our community. Students will bring new life to our place, all the while learning from and about our rich history.”
With this grant, Sterling guarantees that students will not pay tuition, giving graduates better prospects to farm without relying on student loans, according to the release.
“We’re grateful to the NoVo Foundation for sharing our vision of educating a next generation of farmers to farm sustainably and build prosperous rural communities and healthy regional economies,” said Mary Berry.

Read all of "Berry Center receives $2.5M grant for college ag program" by Taylor Riley at Henry County Local


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