Review of UK selection of Wendell Berry's poetry
Nick Offerman on Wendell Berry's new Library of America volume

On tweeting about Wendell Berry

Seeing quotations from Wendell Berry and advertisements for his work on Twitter is as jarring as imagining Burley Coulter spraying Jayber Crow from a Ski-Doo upon his return to Port William. A localist does not have to be a Wendell Berry fundamentalist to see that this is a problem. I will admit to dark visions of starting a fakeWendellBerry Twitter account and trolling anyone that posts about him on Twitter with Marshall McLuhan’s #YouKnowNothingOfMyWork!, but that seems counterproductive.

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See John Fea's response, "Actually, Matt Stewart, you DO have 'to be a Wendell Berry fundamentalist' to believe those who use social media are delusional" (the substance of which is mostly contained in its title). Read the Comments there for a bit more and a response from Matt Stewart. Also, a followup by John Fea, "Another Post About People Who Tweet About Wendell Berry" (22 May 2018).


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