Thoughts about Wendell Berry and the UK
Whose thought? Wendell Berry's or Ralph Ellison's?

Wendell Berry Inspires Lenten Reflection

I’ve been climbing this mountain as many days as I can this Lent, finding a place among the rocks, looking down on the valley. This is a quiet place, a place where Creation speaks in its fullness. But the landscape below is pocked and marked by another way. The ridge across from here is littered with television and cell phone towers, the valley is marred by sprawling homes. When I was a boy these were mostly wild places, a home to green herons and bobcats, the city’s borders still out of earshot. In the last twenty years the farms have given way to shopping centers and cookie cutter houses, forests to fertilized lawns and golf courses. 

“We all live by robbing nature, but our standard of living demands that the robbery shall continue.” These words from the farmer and writer Wendell Berry ring in me like the words of John the Baptist: repent, for the kingdom of God has come near. 

I’m as much a participant in this theft as anyone else. I drive too much, buy too much, use too much. I’m addicted to convenience and choice, I’m in the thrall of that old vice luxury. And yet, like so many others I want peace, I want wholeness, I want the creation to be full and alive.

Read the entire article by Ragan Sutterfield at American Catholic.

Ragan is the author of the recently published book Wendell Berry and the Given Life.


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