Wendell Berry and James Rebanks, November 9
Wendell Berry to Speak in Baltimore on December 8, 2016

Wendell Berry at Centre College

Renowned writer Wendell Berry visited Centre College Monday night to speak for a crowd of several hundred at the Norton Center. 

Berry, an 82-year-old farmer and environmental activist who has authored dozens of works over the course of more than five decades, read a pair of his works and fielded a handful of questions during the hour-long event. 

Berry read one story that examined the lives of family farmers who earn a kind of freedom caring for their small plots of land, even as industrialization consumes more and more of the world around them. 

Berry’s second piece was actually written prior to the first one, and focused on the frugal spending habits of the same rural farm families. It presented the idea that who people are cannot be represented by economic principles.

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