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Wendell Berry Speaks at The Land Institute

Wendell Berry doesn't think many people take farmers seriously.

"Farmers may be the last group even liberals laugh at," Berry, a nationally recognized poet, novelist, farmer and environmental activist, said Sunday morning at the Prairie Festival at The Land Institute.

"But no one, no matter how exalted, doesn't depend on farmers."

 Delivering the Strachan Donnelley Lecture on Conservation and Restoration, Berry said farmers have been hindered by government subsidies and overproduction in response to market forces.

"Those constraints and incentives reward poor work and are a waste of resources," he said.

Read more at Salina Journal.


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Is this the best place to find out about future events where Wendell will be speaking? Thanks.

Hello, Brenda.

Apologies for this late posting and reply to your question. I've been away for awhile.

I don't know that this is "the best" place for information about Mr. Berry's speaking events, but it is one place (I don't know of others) ... and I try to get the information up as soon as I learn about it. But sometimes I don't learn of events until they are past. These posts will always be tagged as "Appearances" and/or "Events," so if you click on those Categories (in the sidebar to the right) you will find whatever has been posted.

Thanks for your interest in Mr. Berry and this site.

Br. Tom

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