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Two Birds Film Changes Wendell Berry Film Title

Two Birds Film has announced that the film formerly known as The Seer (formerly known as Forty Panes) will now be known as LOOK & SEE: A Portrait of Wendell Berry.

Two Birds Film explains:

"We also decided to change the film's title after learning Mr. Berry had misgivings about being labelled a prophet. There were a few other reasons for a title change, but that alone was sufficient." 

I personally preferred the earlier Forty Panes, but understand that that may have suggested a narrow structure that the film couldn't live up to. Titles can be such pesky imps, but "A rose by any other name ..." May this important movie find much success.

UPDATED: I've been corrected about the original title. It was Forty Panes, not Forty Windows and was dropped because people heard "Forty Pains". Thanks, Two Birds!


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When does the film come out?

Hello, Chris.

Apologies for this late posting of your question. I've been away from computers for awhile.

The simple answer to your question is: I don't know. The folks at Two Birds Film (see link above) would have a much better idea. The film has been shown already at various places around the country, but the filmmakers have noted that they are currently "tweaking" the film (which includes changing its title). When and how it will finally be generally released seems yet to be determined.

Thanks for asking.

Br. Tom

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