NPR on "The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry"
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Good morning!! Our family is very happy to "find" you. My husband grew up on a tobacco farm, Henry County KY. The closest town is Eminence. Our oldest son heard a reference on NPR to Henry County. He lives in Pensacola--called us here in Huntsville, AL. For various reasons, the family sold the farm--we have 4 sons who assisted their grandfather when they were free to do so, and they are fully aware of the conglomerates who have moved in and destroyed the seed corn. This would have started in the 60s. Your web site has brought back many memories--Thank you, Irene Willhite

Hello, Irene. I'm glad you have found this site. Many people who are not working on the land today have strong family memories of a time when their folks did. I hope you are able to read Mr. Berry's stories, poems and essays. Best wishes. Tom

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