"The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry" and Small Farms Considered at NPR
Wendell Berry and The New York Times

Wendell Berry Film Reviewed Again

A poet and novelist whose passionate defense of traditional agriculture has made him more an environmental icon than a literary one, Wendell Berry may not have had the prophetic abilities implied by the title of Laura Dunn's The Seer— but he has certainly been clear-eyed about dangers to the heartland as they arise, and eloquently insistent on sounding the alarm. Sticking mostly to one corner of the turf Berry has staked out, this unusual and quite beautiful doc seeks to connect with him by getting to know the land and those who work it near the author's Kentucky home. Lee Daniel's fine photography helps make this deserving of big-screen attention, while support from eco-minded celebs — Robert Redford and Terrence Malick exec-produced; Nick Offerman offered hand-crafted furniture to Kickstarter donors — should attract enough attention to help it get beyond the fest circuit.

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