Meeting Wendell Berry
That Poem by Wendell Berry

Blogger gives Wendell Berry the First Word of 2016

If Wendell Berry were editing the aphorism, “Hell is other people” it would become, “Hell is busy people in search of something more, or something else… Heaven is a good friend.” On this first day of 2016 we do well to consider these hells and heavens that we inhabit, that we have made of the world. “Hell is in business here all the time,” Berry says, “Heaven too, or we couldn’t stand it.”

I was in the audience the evening the video below was taken. After the reading Berry signed my copy of Leavings. He asked me where I was from, and when I told him I was from Salina, Kansas he nearly jumped out of his skin. We spent a few moments talking about Wes Jackson, the Land Institute, and how beautiful it is there. 

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