Wendell Berry at the Kentucky Book Fair
Why We Need Wendell Berry

J. P. Wright's Letter to Wendell Berry

I have fallen in love with one of your poems, but, before I fall any deeper in the well known as Wendell Berry, I must mention, that I feel very drawn to your vibrations. Maybe it is because we have drank of the same water, maybe it is because we share a love for the same state. Maybe it is because our accents are very close. My mother in law is from Henry County… I suspect you might know who Vernon Rucker was. He was my wife’s grandfather and at one point the Sherrif of Henry County. Florence, her Grandmother, worked at the Chat and Nibble in Eminence for many years. 

 I am writing you to ask a favor, but to further explain somewhat my request, I must explain something that I am still trying to figure out. So I, a brave to the elder, might suggest that maybe you should organize the International Brotherhood of Contraries. The labor movement sure could use it. I am a rank and file union activist, and that don’t get you very many friends in the labor movement these days. I am a serious defender of union democracy. The men of today have been taught an aggressive union thug mentality. I am struggling to survive at CSX railroad. This is partly the pull that is fueling my crisis. I am afraid…. but… I am only afraid for others.. or at best, very confused. 

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