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Wendell Berry Visits Sewanee Freshman Program

Sewanee’s first-year program “Finding Your Place” recently completed its third year. The ten-day experience ended with a “Berry Symposium” featuring Wendell Berry and his daughter Mary the lens of chemistry, archaeology, and a host of Berry. In the program affectionately dubbed FYP, approximately 150 freshman students began their studies at Sewanee on August 12th. These students started one of their courses early, learning about the Domain and its surrounding communities through other subjects. Through readings, field trips, and plenary lectures, these students sought to gain an understanding of place and how to find their own place in Sewanee. Wendell Berry, a noted writer and environmental activist, visited campus on ... August 20th and 21st to discuss his own perception of place. Berry’s writings draw inspiration from his agricultural roots in Kentucky, and his works convey a strong emphasis on living in tune with nature. Mary Berry, his daughter, is the director of the Berry Center, an organization that works for agricultural reform. Several students from St. Catharine College, located in Kentucky, accompanied the Berry family. These visiting students are studying Farming and Ecological Agrarianism, a degree program made possible through a partnership with the Berry Center.

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