Wendell Berry stands up for 19th century flatboat men
On Wendell Berry and The Holy

Wendell Berry Comments on Racism and President Obama

A good many people hoped and even believed that Barack Obama’s election to the presidency signified the end of racism in the United States.  It seems arguable to me that the result has been virtually the opposite:  Obama’s election has brought about a revival of racism.  Like nothing since the Southern Strategy, it has solidified the racist vote as a political quantity recognizable to politicians and apparently large enough in some places to decide an election.

 I grant the polite assumption that not one of the elected officers of the states or the nation is a racist.  But politicians do not need to be racist themselves in order to covet, to solicit, or to be influenced by the racist vote.  This is shown by the pronounced difference between two by now established ways of opposing the President.

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