On listening to Wendell Berry
John Paul Wright at the Concert for The Berry Center

A Seminar concerning Wendell Berry

From Manchester (UK) Metropolitan University:

“The scientific-industrial culture, founded nominally upon materialism, arrives at a sort of fundamentalist disdain for material reality. The living world is then treated as dead matter, the worth of which is determined exclusively by the market” (Berry 2015, p. 7).

This seminar explores connections between the work of American agrarian conservationist and author Wendell Berry and that of “new materialists” as they each seek to emphasize the living materiality of a vital and complex world. I will be particularly interested in outlining some of the major contributions of Berry, in particular the principles underlying what he has called “the Great Economy” as these form a foundation for a critical analysis of destructive neoliberal policies in education and more generally, and an outline for much needed “pedagogies of responsibility.”

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