Meeting Wendell Berry
Happy Birthday, Mr. Wendell Berry!

Ode-ing Wendell Berry

As the title of this entry would suggest, there is an inspiration of sorts. This past year, four of the eight courses I took at the College of Wooster were exclusively on the environment, farming, society, etc. It was in one of these classes, Rural Society & the Environment, that I experienced a transformation in my perception of myself as well as the world around me. I was also introduced to my newfound idol: Wendell Berry.

Now, having finished reading Bringing It to the Table: On Farming and Food by Wendell Berry I find I have drunk the Kool-Aid. Berry possesses the ability to make poetry of the every day rustic while providing a deeper analysis of society at large. Beyond that, his words are laced with a wisdom that is applicable to all parts of life. And so, each section of this post will be entitled with a quote of his, from the book or otherwise.

“Eating is an agricultural act.” – The Pleasure of Eating (1989)

I say I found myself in Paris, but the truth is I found myself in Montefalco. Working on a winery sounds glamorous and I’m sure my Instagram posts about freshly cut wheels of pecorino cheese and world-renowned awards have not helped change that perception. In truth, I live on a farm. A winery after all is a farm where they specialize in a singular product: grapes.

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