Christians Can Learn from Wendell Berry
Ode-ing Wendell Berry

Meeting Wendell Berry

Our meeting was around the kitchen table of a very humble farm-house on the banks of the Kentucky River. Humble to say the least. He still has his 1970’s GE stove. and that is… The rest of the story…. and a hint to why i mention Upton Sinclair’s Book of Life. Mr Berry and Tanya are a package deal. My wife talked with Tanya like the women do. They talked about kids and education and how the kids are being treated like crap… My wife is serious about her no media policy with our son. We have not had a T.V since we married nineteen years ago. Much of what Wendell writes about includes a serious conversation on work, community and marriage. Family. My son got the autograph, and listened to his Father talk railroading. Wendell told some hilarious stories about the railroad not far from his house. The same railroad that I trained on to become a railroad engineer.

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