Wendell Berry's "Manifesto" Inspires "16 Thoughts"
Wendell Berry and Christian Community

A Wendell Berry Epigraph

In a weekday adult education offering at St. Alban’s Church we’ve been reading a new book by theologian Ellen Davis (Biblical Prophecy: Perspectives for Christian Theology, Discipleship and Ministry).  Chapter 4 begins with a quote from author, poet and conservationist  Wendell Berry:  There seems to be a law that when creatures have reached the level of consciousness, as men have, they must become conscious of creation; they must learn how they fit into it and what its needs are and what it requires of them, or else they pay a terrible penalty: the spirit of creation will go out of them, and they will become destructive; the very earth will depart from them and go where they cannot follow (“A Native Hill,” in The Long-Legged House). 

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