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At 80 years old, Wendell Berry shows no signs of slowing down. Usually courting controversy is a young man’s sport, but in his latest collection of essays, Our Only World, the prolific writer reminds his readers that he’s not settling into a quiet retirement! His willingness to risk controversy—and even enjoy it—motivates him to take on some of the most divisive issues of our day. And in typical fashion, he offers no easy solutions, no party talking points, while taking positions that will likely anger folks on both sides. In other words, this book is terrific!

In this collection of ten works (essays and speeches), Berry tackles issues ranging from the importance of local, land-based economies and the violence inherent in our modern industrialized way of life to climate change and the problem of “joblessness” to the Boston Marathon bombing and the inability of politics to fix any of this, and to a host of other seemingly unrelated topics that Berry brilliantly points out are all connected. 

He rpeatedly rejects any attempts to oversimplify the problems of our day, and he challenges many of our basic assumptions: namely, that big problems require big solutions. On the contrary, Berry believes that the only solutions to our big problems are small, local, personal solutions.

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