A Review Of Bahnson's & Wirzba's "Making Peace with the Land"
On Wendell Berry on Boomers and Stickers

Wendell Berry cited as Garden Inspiration

All in all, including the Earthworm castings, I spent about $130 on the soil for a 10′ x 6′ bed. That’s expensive but I know the soil quality is important. Admittedly though I’m not completely satisfied with my approach. I read portions of Wendell Berry’s essays which helped inspire me to begin a sort of urban farm. However, he makes a point that a good farm should be able to use the native material. That bringing in too much soil from outside, even if it is good, is still not organic because it did not come from the local place itself. The ultimate farm in my area would not be a farm but more of a dessert [sic]. My land would contain things like cactus and mesquite trees and we would learn to live off of nopales and mesquite flower. But I’m not that hardcore yet though the idea of that ultimate vision is in my head to see if the future will offer opportunities to bring us closer to that ideal.

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