Wendell Berry cited as Garden Inspiration
Wendell Berry cited on "elite circles"

On Wendell Berry on Boomers and Stickers

Berry draws the important distinction between two different kinds of people, boomers and stickers. Boomers are mobile, always willing to leave if a better opportunity arises. Stickers tend to be more stationary, desiring to grow roots in a community and meet needs there. According to Berry, the goal is to move from a boomer attitude, which inhabits much of the American psyche, to a sticker attitude. What if we stopped asking primarily, “What do I want?” and started asking a community, “What do you need?” However, people are not simple enough to categorize purely in one category or the other. It is possible to be in a transient, mobile phase of life and have a sticker attitude. According to Dr. Bilbro and Dr. Baker, it all turns on our affections and attitudes.

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