Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, Mark Bittman at Cooper Union, April 2014
Wendell Berry interview at Earth Island Journal

Offerman notes Wendell Berry interview

Nerdist: Well, that sort of ties into something that I really loved in American Ham, when you talk about the Internet and social media. It’s funny how those technologies feel like medicine — they feed into our desire for something more and better, for that sort of relief. But if you take a deeper look at it, it actually gives us this false sense that we’re being active in our lives rather than what we’re really doing, which is being distracted by a passive, disposable environment.

Nick: I mean I can’t take credit for it, that comes directly from my favorite writer, Wendell Berry, who I just interviewed recently for my new book, which was so gratifying. We talked about this subject, you know? And it is something that started long before the Internet. This sense in American society — and now it’s become global — that the corporate interests, the one percenters, are whispering to us “things will be better for you somewhere else,” and that’s what keeps us buying things. It’s like, “Well, my life is pretty OK, but maybe if I bought those shoes my life would be better,” and we’re made to feel like everything could be better: clothes, home, kids, wife, career, life.

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