On Wendell Berry and others at FPR conference
Wendell Berry audio excerpt

Nick Offerman is thankful for Wendell Berry

I would like to offer my gratitude for the writing of Kentucky agrarian, Wendell Berry. His essays, poetry and fiction have fertilized a crop of great solace in my life, and helped to breed a healthy flock of good manners, to boot. As I travel this unlikely road of opportunity, as a woodworker and writer, sure, but most often as a jackass, I have his writings upon which to fix my mind and my heart, to keep my life’s errant wagon between the ditches, as it were.

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Well put. In one sense I fix my mind and heart on his writings, but maybe in a larger sense on the small town and folks he has made known to me. I haven't yet ventured into his essays or poetry, but feel like I lived for a brief time in Port William and I am thankful for that experience.

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