Wendell Berry at Kentucky Book Fair, 15 November 2014
Students Respond to Wendell Berry Presentation

Wendell Berry cited on Factory Farming

Factory farms do not work in this fashion. As Wendell Berry points out in Remembering and other books, the modern industrialized farm is isolating and stringently efficient, cutting the beauty, diversity, and community out of farming in favor of profit. Oftentimes, these “factory farm” methods necessitate a copious amount of chemicals, inhumane living conditions for livestock, and tasteless produce. This is not the farming of the future—and thankfully, more and more farmers have realized this. Young farmers (where they exist) are adopting more natural, holistic, old-fashioned methods in order to succeed. But sadly, many of these ideas are only being implemented on small farms: “boutique farms,” where the tiny scale makes their costs feasible.

via The American Conservative


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