Another Italian Review of Wendell Berry's Jayber Crow
Wendell Berry at Kentucky Book Fair, 15 November 2014

Meeting Wendell Berry

A few weeks ago, I met the man himself. I traveled with some other members of EcoTheo to Northern Kentucky for a conference which featured Wendell Berry as the speaker. Hosted by an organization known as the Au Sable Institute (, the weekend focused on bringing together a group of graduate students from all over the country around the theme of Christianity and the sciences. On Saturday, Berry came to join us for a Q&A session.  Stomping in from the cold Kentucky air, Wendell arrived with kind eyes and a sharp wit.  Berry’s responses to our questions ranged broadly from discussions of ancient poetry, to farming legislation, to wisdom he has gained over the years on the writing life.  Following the session, I strolled up to Wendell with a false sense of calm and shook the hand of a man who has transformed my life through his words.  Though my personal interaction with Berry lasted just a few moments, I learned two valuable lessons from him over the course of my time in Kentucky.

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