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Video: Wendell Berry and Norman Wirzba in Nashville, May 2

Wirzba named first Wendell Berry Agrarian Fellow

Rivendell Writers’ Colony has named theologian and scholar Norman Wirzba to be the first Wendell Berry New Agrarian Fellow at Rivendell.

“We are so deeply pleased that Norman is our first receipient of this award honoring Wendell Berry. Wendell recommended Norman to us as a very important voice for the New Agrarians, who embody Eco-logical, Eco-nomical, and Eco-spiritual approaches to the land and community. Wendell Berry is the benchmark, and we are grateful to be able to honor him annually in this way at RWC. Of course, Sewanee’s literary history with the original Agrarians makes it all the more special for us,” said Carmen Thompson, Director of Rivendell.

Read more at Rivendell Writers Colony 


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