Blog Watch: Wendell Berry cited on the Afterlife
Wendell Berry to discuss Kentucky's past & future, June 7

Blog Watch: Wendell Berry cited on solutions and problems

When describing the industrialized agriculture, Wendell Berry said modern farmers “can take a solution and divide it neatly into two problems.” He’s referring to how industrial agriculture breaks up the cycles in traditional farming and in nature into throughputs that require inputs and create waste, instead of feeding off of their own byproducts. Attempts to undo this trend and recreate cycles come in many forms, but few are as creative and progressive as The Plant, a former Chicago meatpacking facility whose eco-friendly transformation was spearheaded by Bubbly Dynamics, LLC. The separate businesses housed within The Plant produce and process food and work together to eliminate waste while feeding off of one another’s byproducts. The goal: produce food with zero net impact.

Via The Ground_Up Project


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