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Blog Watch: On Wendell Berry and Others in Nashville

Blog Watch: Thinking about Wendell Berry and Community

Last night, Jason and I went to hear Wendell Berry speak at an event for a local charity.  He was amazing, inspiring and challenging. One of the things I came away wondering is what my actions say about me. It’s a question worth asking.  And honestly, I have had so little time to write over the last eight months, my actions are surely speaking louder than the few words I’ve offered on this blog. So what are my actions saying?

If you’ve read any Wendell Berry, you know a key theme is one of neighbor. And while Mr. Berry means this word quite literally – are you helping and working alongside the people who live next door to you, across the street, behind you – he also offered a definition last night that resonated with me: “A neighbor is someone who needs your help.” Am I helping those around me? Do I know them well enough to help them? 

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