On Reading Wendell Berry's Fiction
Blog Watch: Reflecting on Creaturehood and Wendell Berry

Walter Moss on Wendell Berry

Over the past six months or so, historian Walter Moss has published a number of brief essays related to Wendell Berry and his concerns. I list them here in order of publication. [Updated: 27 September 2021]

12 October 2013
Bill Moyers and Wendell Berry

28 October 2013
Wendell Berry’s Reflections on Racism

25 November 2013
Wendell Berry’s Pacifism: Part I, The Late 1960s

2 December 2013
Wendell Berry’s Pacifism: Part II, 1970-2013

26 December 2013
Leo Tolstoy and Wendell Berry: Pacifists and Critics of Modern Life

13 January 2014
Wendell Berry on Women and Feminism

14 March 2014
Professors and Politics a la Wendell Berry

24 March 2014
Duke Energy, Cigarettes, Pollution, Profits, and Philanthropy

10 April 2014
The Wondrous World of Wendell Berry’s Fiction

17 April 2014
Global Warming, Waste and Greed

21 September 2021
Wendell Berry on Capitalism, Advertising, Greed, and The Good Life


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