Wirzba, Davis, and Wendell Berry in Nashville, May 3
Blog Watch: Thinking about Wendell Berry and Community

Of Interest: Ellen Davis & Norman Wirzba interviewed

Doug Sikkema interviews Dr. Ellen Davis and Dr. Norman Wirzba of Duke University Divinity School about our world, the environmental movement, and how faith relates to it all.

Wirzba considers how idealism doesn't do us any favours:

It's very easy for people to get a rather romantic view of the world. You know, maybe you've read some Walden and you think it would be great to just go live in a hut in the woods, and it's entirely unrealistic. The reality is, is that ecosystems are very complex and the human place in them is very complex, and if you romanticize what you're describing, you're describing it wrongly.

Read more and listen to the Audio Interview HERE.


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