Blog Watch: Revisiting Wendell Berry's "Siberian Woodsman"
Wendell Berry cited in review of "Blinded by Progress"

Blog Watch: Wendell Berry cited on Local Economy

We are at a point in history where we are progressively destroying more and more land.  That can't continue.  The greatest cause behind long-term destruction of land is absentee owners who own so much land, and live so far from the land they are destroying (and the people affected by that destruction) that they no longer care what happens to it.  Many people are starting to notice this issue, but the philosopher/theologian Wendell Berry has been one of the most consistent voices laying out the reasons why our move towards global economy is destroying the people and the land (What Are People For?. Citizenship PapersSex, Economy, Freedom and Community).
I believe that this more just local economy can only be brought about by individuals.
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Thank you for linking the blog! I hope that anyone who likes Wendell Berry will find a common heart with the one I share through those posts.

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