Blog Watch: Reading Wendell Berry's "Watch With Me"
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Blog Watch: Revisiting Wendell Berry's "Siberian Woodsman"

During the Cold War, when the rhetoric of hate was used to manufacture enmity, and the world stood as never before on the brink of mutual destruction, and the imagination was seduced, exploited and ultimately corrupted into seeing the Other as ultimate threat, malign in fanatic intent to destroy those who were not them - during that chilling time, there were other voices. One of them was Wendell Berry. The following poem is the rhetoric of respect, empathy, understanding and flagrant humanity. Yes flagrant, there to be seen, unmistakable evidence, an example of the imagination redeemed from alienating the other to seeking shared concern, murtual help, unambiguous welcome.

Read more and the poem at Living Wittily.


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