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Blog Watch: Reading Wendell Berry's "Watch With Me"

Watch with Me is a collection of short stories centering on Ptolemy “Tol” Proudfoot, a reticent man proud of his farming skill, but without the need to expand beyond the beautiful and successful farm he can run by himself. The last leaf of his family tree, he doesn’t have the joyfully rambunctious persona that Port William remembers of the Proudfoots (Proudfeet?), but he does have deep feelings whose few expressions become affectionate stories shared among his neighbors. His late-to-wed wife, Miss Minnie, is the pole star of his life, and Berry’s descriptions of their wagon rides together are simple and affecting.

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Hi, just came upon your site as I browsed for a way to contact Mr. Berry, wanting to recommend the movie "Dersu Urzala". Thanks for your site, will enjoy reading more of it.

Hi, David. "Dersu" is a very good movie. I hope you find this site useful & am glad you found it. All the best ... Tom.

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