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Blog Watch: Wendell Berry, Edward Abbey, H. D. Thoreau and ...

Over the weekend I was reading Wendell's What Are People For? and came across the essay "A Few Words in Favor of Edward Abbey" and was instantly an Abbey fan.  The next day I goggled (yes, goggled) Abbey and came across his essay "Down the River with Henry Thoreau."  I enjoyed the progression (or would it be a regression) from Berry to Abbey to Thoreau.  Now if someone would just write a "With Wendell Berry" essay...
So at this point in my life I have read a sum total of one piece by Edward Abbey and I am now a lifelong fan.  I was also inspired.  Reading Berry's analysis of Abbey and Abbey's sublime analysis of Thoreau (whom I secretly hate) I found myself longing to have been an accomplished author ages ago.  I wished my life away to the point where I could look back and say "yes, I am a prolific and successful writer; one who has found his voice and told his stories."  I'm almost 40.  I could be at that point now.  I'm not now, but I will be.


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