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A new look for Mr. Wendell Berry of Kentucky

I have freshened the place up a bit. Let me know if it works for you—or, more importantly, if it doesn't.

The banner photo was made by Lewis Hine and is dated May 5, 1916. It comes from the Library of Congress and is titled:

[Willie Nall, 11 years old; Raymond Jones, 10 years old; Denver Jones, 5 years old; plowing on farm. They had just finished a job of hauling. See report.] Location: [Elizabethtown vicinity, Kentucky]/L. W. Hine

In using this photo (and perhaps others to come), I am not blind to Mr. Hine's purposes—and am not interested in romanticizing the past. He was trying to document the nature of (and abuses associated with) child labor in the United States at that time. Mr. Berry is sometimes criticized for a softened or romanticized vision of rural life, but I believe the reality is in the stories, poems, and essays for a careful reader to see.

For an introduction to Lewis Hine's work, please go HERE. And HERE.


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