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Wendell Berry and The Nation

Wendell Berry and the Four Freedoms Awards

Mr. Berry received The Roosevelt Institute's Freedom Medal last night, October 16, in New York City. Video of the whole event can be found at The Roosevelt Institute's website.

An appreciative overview of the ceremony and awards can be found at Moyers & Company, which quotes Mr. Berry,

“A lot of good things are happening in terms of farmers markets, community-supported farms and efforts at developing local economies, of which we have a very respectable effort going on in Louisville, Kentucky. But land use in general is getting worse. Vulnerable lands are being put to uses under which they are bound to erode and degrade. If my dream would come true, every inch of this world would be treated as sacred and cared for accordingly with great attention and skill. But standing in the way of that dream is the absence of people capable of doing that. We’ve reduced the farm population to almost zero. I think it is a rule that land in use by humans has to be carefully watched over and carefully and lovingly used. That is not happening.”


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