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Wendell Berry and Bill Moyers

Beginning October 4, PBS will air a special conversation between two of the people I admire most in the world – Kentucky farmer and author Wendell Berry, and journalist Bill Moyers. Among many other topics, these two giants of American culture will discuss issues very close to my heart: coal, climate change, and the future of Appalachia and the planet. I can’t wait to tune in to Wendell Berry: Poet & Prophet. I hope you will, too.

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Wendell Berry and St. Catharines ag program

With its fertile soil, temperate climate and central location, Kentucky would seem to be a great place to capitalize on this trend. Plus, Kentucky is the home of writer Wendell Berry, one of the global gurus of sustainable agriculture.

This fall, St. Catharine College, a Catholic school founded by the Dominican Sisters in Washington County, started offering bachelor's degrees in farming and ecological agrarianism.

St. Catharine's Berry Farming Program incorporates Berry's sustainability philosophies and was developed in conjunction with his family's Berry Center in the Henry County town of New Castle.