Wendell Berry on Kentucky's two parties
Mary Berry introduces Louisville local food advocate Sarah Fritschner

A visit with Wendell Berry

Gracing the front porch of Wendell Berry’s farmhouse outside Port Royal, Ky., two traveling companions and I enjoy a glass of ice water with the legendary writer. How we ended up there is a tale in itself. Back-and-forth correspondence with Wendell over the summer. A road trip starting at 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning so we could attend Port Royal Baptist Church. But the journey is merely prelude to a conversation with Wendell - and conversation is what counts on this pleasantly warm August afternoon.

Wendell wasn’t in church that Sunday morning, although his wife Tanya was. She spotted us in the congregation and came over to greet us even as she rounded up a few extra choir members for the opening song. “This is Wendell’s Sunday to be in the woods,” she said.

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