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At the end of the book Kramer writes:

As Wendell Berry once pointed out to me in a kind but steely tone, hope is a discipline.  Like love, hope is born and developed in the gritty reality of daily circumstances; it must be chosen anew, over and over again.  And like love, I believe that the discipline of hope is a gift.  On my own strength, I do not possess the virtue and willpower required to keep choosing hope, but through my relationships with others and with the Creation, I fancy that God keeps encouraging and empowering me to make that repeated choice.

Hope is so much more than simply wishing that tomorrow might be different than today, or as the Counting Crows sang “maybe this year will be better than the last.”  Unfortunately we often talk of hope as if it were some kind of wishful thinking that somehow someday things will be different.  The tragedy of this is that we us hope as a way of avoiding our lived lives.

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