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I have just found in Counterpoint's Fall 2013 catalogue news that This Day: New and Collected Sabbath Poems 1979-2012 will be published in October of this year. The notice reads:

For nearly thirty-five years, Wendell Berry has been at work on a series of poems inspired by his solitary Sunday walks around his farm in Kentucky. From riverfront and meadows to grass fields and woodlots, every inch of this hillside farm lives in these poems, as do the poet’s constant companions in memory and occasion—the family and animals who have helped Berry create his Home Place with love and gratitude.

There are poems of spiritual longing and political extremity, memorials and celebrations, elegies and lyrics that comprise some of the most beautiful domestic poetry in American literature; these appear alongside the occasional rants of the Mad Farmer, pushed to the edge yet again by his compatriots and elected officials.

With the publication of this new complete edition, it is increasingly clear that the Sabbath Poems have become the very heart of Berry’s entire work. And these magnificent poems, taken as a whole, are one of the greatest contributions ever made to American poetry.


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