Composer of Wendell Berry songs is interviewed
Blog Watch: A response to Wendell Berry's thought on ecology and economy

Berry speaks at Louisville rally

If we want to stop the impoverishment of land and people we ourselves must be prepared to become poorer. If we are to continue to respect ourselves as human beings, we have got to do all we can to slow and then stop the fossil fuel economy. But we must do this, fully realizing that our success if it happens will change our world and our lives more radically than we can now imagine. Without that realization, we cannot hope to succeed.

To succeed we will have to give up the mechanical ways of thought that have dominated the world increasingly over the last 200 years. And we must begin now to make that change in ourselves. For the necessary political changes will be made only in response to changed people. We must understand that fossil-fuel energy must be replaced not just by clean energy but also by less energy.



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