An Essay on Wendell Berry and C. S. Lewis
Wendell Berry and the binary of Boomers and Stickers

Wendell Berry's views inform Roman Catholic sisters on land use

[Mary Berry's] ominous report reignited the mood of urgency in the room, where some fifty people gathered to discuss the opportunities that their lands, and their orders, might have for setting examples of sustainability and blessings from the good earth. Before the lunch break they broke into small groups of six or seven at round tables.

The questions they were asked were these:

  • What does your community's land mean to you personally? How has that land helped shape your personal spirit, commitment and sense of mission?
  • Why has your congregation held onto its land so long (if it has) or divested its land (if it has)? What theological values underlie the relationship between your congregation and your land? How might this theology be of use to our world?

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