Wendell Berry and Michael Pollan audio on video
An Essay on Wendell Berry and C. S. Lewis

Mary Berry writes about Wendell Berry

My father’s name is Wendell Berry and I have been crazy about him for 54 years now. Wendell is married to my mother, Tanya. It is nearly impossible for me to think of one without the other.

It is hard to imagine now that until coming back to live permanently in Henry County in 1964 we had lived in Europe, California and New York City, with stays in Kentucky between those moves. We moved to Lanes Landing, where my parents live now, when I was 7 and my brother, Den, was 3. I can remember seeing the place for the first time but I can only imagine what a great satisfaction it must have been for Daddy to buy a place that he had known all his life and that his mother had loved all of her life.

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This is wonderful. So glad you posted it. The photo of Mr. Berry plowing is priceless.

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