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Blog Watch: "Wendell Berry and Education on a Human Scale"

All of that sounds like it could have come as a statement from the Occupy Wall Street movement, but Berry’s proposed solutions are not in the least Marxist.  Instead, all he wants is for life to be lived on a human scale and with frugality and good common sense.  He laments that we as a culture have bought into the lie that opportunities, growth, and resources are limitless.  Our drive to produce and consume on such a large scale has left the earth depleted and polluted, families separated as children become “upwardly mobile,” and citizens without the basic knowledge that will ensure their survival if and when the current “anti-economy” collapses.  What is needed is a “homecoming:” A return to persons, to place, to community, to relationships, and to acknowledgement of the natural limits that are part of human creatureliness.  This is brilliant in its simplicity.



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