A Critical Response to Wendell Berry on Same-Sex Marriage
A calmer critique of Wendell Berry on same-sex marriage

Rod Dreher and others respond to Wendell Berry on same-sex marriage

This is just nuts. It’s ignorant, malicious, one-dimensional crackpottery, ideological hysteria of the sort one never expects from Wendell Berry. It is not remotely serious, and it is not remotely persuasive. Rather, it’s Grampa Simpson standing on the liberal lawn, shouting talking points he read in a Franky Schaeffer essay on HuffPo. It makes Andrew Sullivan in his more emotional moments sound as balanced and avuncular as Alistair Cooke. What a damn shame.

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I thought Rod's response was just as much one of dismay toward Berry's broadside against conservative Christians on the other side of the issue. Berry doesn't like condemnation by category, but does it himself.

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