Wendell Berry awarded in Tulsa, December 7-8
Wendell Berry in Tulsa

Wendell Berry: "The Wisest Man in America"?

Wendell Berry is a writer and farmer. No, really. And this month, he's being honored for his work as the former. Not the farmer.

The Peggy V. Helmerich Distinguished Author Award, given by the Tulsa Library Trust, serves to recognize authors of renown who have produced a distinguished body of literary work.

Berry is this year's recipient, and by becoming so, he joins a very elite set of fantastic writers, among them Joyce Carol Oates, Neil Simon, Ray Bradbury, and a great many more. That's pretty heady company, and Berry knows it.

"You don't write in order to get an award," he said. "But an award like this does raise the question of whether you deserve it or not. Of course, you're not the one who decided, so you're better to decide it's something to live up to, rather than worry about whether you deserve it."

via urbantulsa.com

We like headlines like this. Our enthusiasm validates the hyperbole.


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