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So, with my intense reading of Wendell Berry’s novels, essays, and poems, and with his convincing and Biblical ideas of our responsibilities of the stewardship of the land, which I have learned is also the native American Indian concept of the proper relationship between human beings and the land, I developed this romantic view of improving a patch of land. I went so far as to write Wendell Berry on the subject. How, exactly, Mr. Berry, is this to be done, by a small town boy who has never farmed? How could I, with my limited knowledge, at least not harm any land that we happened to acquire?
Of course, I cherish Mr. Berry’s response. He wrote on January 15, 1998, “Since I don’t know the place, I’m unable to give you any very particular advice. ... If you are not going to rent the land, you can either put it in grass and mow it once a year or plant it in trees. Either way, it will get better all the time with very little effort on your part.” With those few words, Wendell Berry taught me a great deal about how to, at least, not harm the land, how we might be stewards of the land.


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