from "Wendell Berry and the Re-Incarnation of the Church"
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Wendell Berry influences band

How does the album title factor into all of this?

"The Peace of Wild Things" is a Wendell Berry poem. I think, thematically, Wendell Berry has kind of been a thread through our band from the start. "Absence" was a word that was used a lot in his book Jayber Crow. There's just a lot of him in our band. It just made sense. Making this album kind of saved us, in a lot of ways. That man in general ... I think he pretty much thinks all you need is God, a partner and the land. I think that's about as beautiful as it gets. Being in a band, especially in our current state, the highs are high and the lows are in the lake of fire. Jayber Crow is a long poem, it's a flowbook, but it doesn't get more beautiful than that book. It just helps you to realize that, you know, I'm in a really bad mood today, I don't want to be here, I have to sing tonight, but yet I have to invest in these people's lives. It just really kind of aligned the planets for us.



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